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E-Ticketing System To Control Lahore Traffic

Day by day road accidents are increasing mainly because drivers are breaking traffic laws. For controlling this Lahore government is implementing a strategy by starting electronic ticketing system. This system is set in motion to diminish road accidents and ensure traffic safety and security.

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E-ticketing would aid in capturing traffic law breakers which would eventually make them think twice next time they try to break the law. Moreover this system would also keep track of individuals breaking law continuously. Then officials can see if individuals not respecting law time and again should be allowed to drive anymore or not.

The problem is that we don’t have professional drivers anymore. Everybody has become a driver now. Many don’t have licenses and others have licenses made through fake procedures. True efficient drivers, who know the rules and signboards, are almost zero. This in combination with the broken roads and ineffective system has destroyed road traffic system in various cities of Pakistan.

Karachi is going through same issues with extreme traffic and no policies. E- Ticketing should be introduced in Karachi after Lahore and then in other cities of the country.

Implementation of this system would have hindrances as our own system is ineffective for application of procedures like e-ticketing. We can only hope that through this system, vehicle and motor drivers would become more careful in their driving.

Image via: Dawn

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