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Lighthouse, The 3D Smart Camera Is In Market

There has been an addition in the camera market with Lighthouse Security Camera in town. It has additional features that make it a suitable option to install in homes. 3D sensing technology has been incorporated into this camera with deep learning compared to a normal Wi-Fi that is used in homes these days.

This camera uses its 3D sensor, power, and deep learning to figure out who is in your home, where they are, and also tell you if it is an intruder or a normal occurrence. Also, this camera would send you alerts when kids get home or when your pet has been taken on a walk.

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Coming to features of Lighthouse, there is a 3D sensor with an RGB camera, microphone, speaker, and siren. Also, the camera has a programmed night vision. So the camera is on duty 24/7.

Not just this, the camera also learns with time, who comes to your place regularly and whose presence is suspicious. Moreover, you can add a voice recognition system in the app and ask questions, like “When did kids come home?” the camera would take out an image of kids entering home and send it to you. The 3D system in Lighthouse makes this whole procedure easier.

Image via: Chipscan

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