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Roadshow: Toyota Self Driving Cars Would Be Powered By Nvidia

Apple and Google selected Toyota for their self-driving cars technology but Toyota itself is thinking differently, the Japanese market leader in automobile industry announced to choose Nvidia’s Drive PX platform for their Self-driving car fleet which is to come in the future.

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During the GPU technology conference in San Jose, Nividia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang declared a partnership between Toyota and Nvidia, saying that Automaker will be using Nvidia’s technology for producing their self-driving cars in the next few years.

Before this development, Toyota intended to add advanced driver assistance in all of its models. For instance, latest Corrola, comes with standard collision prevention technologies, which can automatically push the brakes if someone walks in fornt of the moving car immediately.

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Nvidia is playing with latest technologies with self-driving cars models, it has introduced a newer version of its Drive PX self-driving car computer, which uses Xavier system this year. Using GPU technology the system is able to detect and analyse sensors quickly and identify objects in real time. Nvidia is already collaborating with Audi to develop the technology further.

Despite, Nvidia’s strong collaborators including Toyota and Audi, the company is facing intense competition ahead. Last week, Intel opened its facility in San Jose to develop end-to-end development of self-driving systems. Delphi, auto equipment supplier to many automakers also announced to focus more on self-driving systems technology.

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