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EA Sports To Launch FIFA 21 On October 19 Mbappe Featured In Promo


EA Sports has announced that it plans to launch the upcoming soccer game, FIFA 21, on October 9th. If you buy the game before the release of FIFA 21 for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you should also get the version for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X as a free upgrade.

According to EA Sports, the new deferred lighting system enables new authentic environments, “outstanding realism” in terms of gaming experiences and player representation, and “even more authentic” football in all stadium areas.

While the event was announced, EA showed a trailer and nice-looking in-game images but lacked gameplay material. The PC version of FIFA 21 corresponds to the version for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. EA did not mention any details about a graphic upgrade. FIFA 21 will also be released immediately after its release on Origin and Steam. 

The football game is also coming to Google Stadia users and there will be a FIFA 21 Legacy Edition for the Nintendo Switch. The switch version is an update for FIFA 20 without major innovations – and should have already failed many because version 20 was not really good. Let’s see what you do at Pro Evolution Soccer. In a direct comparison between the two games, FIFA 20 saw no sting for me, playful and in terms of graphics, PES 2020 is simply far ahead. FIFA still has the license bonus, but even that can be patched into PES, even on the console.

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