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EA To Launch New Monster Hunter Game Wild Hearts

EA wants to compete with the successful Monster Hunter game series and announces the hunting game Wild Hearts together with Koei Tecmo – here too we can fight alone or in a team against mostly huge creatures. As the announcement trailer shows, quite unusual technologies will sometimes be used.

Alone or in co-op with crossplay

Wild Hearts immerses players in the fantasy world of Azuma, inspired by feudal Japan. Similar to what we know from Monster Hunter, this is not only inhabited by humans, but also by massive monsters, referred to here as kemono, which are “imbued with the power of nature”. And you have to fight them, either alone or with other games in seamless co-op mode, as the announcement says. There will also be crossplay on all supported platforms.

In order to actually stand a chance against the giants, players gain access to ancient, actually forgotten technologies (called karakuri), such as to move faster or fly, land heavy hits, or temporarily immobilize opponents. Crafting should also play a major role in gameplay. Another video should soon bring more detailed explanations, which was announced for October 5th and which should then mainly show new game scenes.

Wild Hearts is developed by Studio Omega Force, which belongs to Koei Tecmo and which in the past gave birth to series like Dynasty Warriors, Attack on Titan, and Dragon Quest. It’s already clear when Wild Hearts will appear: The monster hunt begins on February 17, 2023 on PC (Origin, Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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