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Elon Musk Has Made Plans To Produce Ventilators Amidst COVID-19 Battle

CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has tweeted earlier that he will make ventilators instead of cars in his giga-factories. It seems that he has come through with his promise.

On Saturday after speaking with Elon Musk, Clean Technica reported that not only Tesla is gearing up to make ventilators to fill the gap with lockdown and booming demand. But the company has also over 250,000 N95 masks ready to be dispensed to hospitals. Moreover, Musk reportedly said that the company will have over 1,000 ventilators ready to ship by next week. No confirmation or comment has come forward from official sources.

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Lately, several sources have mentioned speaking with Musk or Tesla regarding ventilator production. An oncologist, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, who holds certain roles in the medical field, told MSNBC on Friday that he’d spoken with Musk, who gave him a rough timeline of eight to ten weeks before his plant could produce ventilators.

President Trump, in his tweet, has given a ‘get up and go‘ to three biggest automakers in the US, including Tesla.


On Friday, General Motors said that they will collaborate with Ventec on ventilator production. The automaker has vowed to lend logistic and manufacturing expertise to boost production.

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Musk also tweeted about the ‘talk’ he had with Medtronic about ventilator production.

Many are worried about the lack of productive gear essential tools, especially N95 masks and ventilators, for professionals who are at the front-lines in a bid to defeat COVID-19.

Last week, President Trump signed the Defence Production Act, which allows him to direct private enterprises to produce essential goods and equipment. So far, he has declined to exercise the powers.

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