Elon Musk has revealed two new X Premium subscription packages

According to some recent pieces of information, X Premium is about to receive two new subscription tiers. According to the announcement made by Elon Musk, one tier will be more expensive than the other. Currently, there are no details about the price or launch date of the new subscription plans.

X will get new subscription tiers

The verification tick has been made a part of the Premium/Blue subscription that can be accessed for $8 per month for the web and $11 for the Android and iOS apps. With this subscription plan, users get fewer ads, long posts, edit/undo posts, access to X Pro (Tweetdeck), longer videos, and more.

According to Musk, there will be two additional tiers now. The less expensive plan will offer the same features but with more ads. Reportedly, the ads will now increase all over the platform. The costlier tier will have no ads. There is no information on whether this plan includes any additional features or not.

Additionally, the owner of X did not specify when the new plans would be implemented. The wait might not be too much longer now that he has a reputation for making these kinds of changes quickly. In the past, Musk declared that X would be a paid service for every user. It might be a small advancement towards that goal. Furthermore, recently, Musk debuted a not-a-bot program for new users of X in New Zealand and the Philippines. It is priced at $1 per year. Users who don’t subscribe to this plan can only view and read posts on the platform. They can’t make comments or posts on X.

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