Google Wallet will soon receive its own notifications

Google Wallet is about to receive several new updates. One of them is that the app will soon receive its own notifications. Although Google Wallet is an individual app, it is not entirely independent in terms of the notifications that come from Google Play Services.

Google Wallet will receive its own notifications

There is no information on why Wallet is getting separated from Play Services. However, the company is working on a fresh update for the Google Wallet app. It’s possible that Google is developing a more comprehensive update for Wallet than we currently know. To be certain, we’ll need to wait for additional details on this. The notifications from the app will appear with the icon for Google Wallet. If a user desires to turn off the Wallet app notifications, then head to the app’s notifications section instead of the Google Play Services.

Some other updates are on their way to Google Wallet

The UI of the Google Wallet app is mostly empty space. Above the cards, there is a massive NFC icon on a giant, horizontally scrolling carousel. The profile picture icon sits in the top-right corner. Clicking on it grants access to Settings. Other cards are visible at the bottom of the screen.

Google is planning a refurbished design for the app. With the new update, the app will now utilize the space more effectively. There will be no NFC logo, and the space will be used by the cards. Just beneath the cards, gift cards and rewards cards can be found. The UI interface will now better accommodate the cards. Currently, there is no information on when the new update will arrive; possibly it won’t take much longer.

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