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Elon Musk surprises everyone by changing the Twitter feature ‘For You’

Well, once again users are going to get a surprise from the CEO of Twitter. Elon announced a big change in the platform’s For You feed. The official reports that the new feature will start appearing on April 15. Notably, it is one of the big changes that will be seen on this platform.

Merely verified accounts will be visible in the ‘For You’ recommendations

Elon recently announced that users will now be presented with stuff from just the verified accounts in their ‘For You’ recommendations. In simple words, if you don’t buy a Twitter Blue subscription, your tweets won’t be visible to others. Furthermore, Elon announced that users need to be verified in order to vote in the polls.

Well, the official has detailed the new changes by saying that it is the only way to tackle the advanced AI bot that is taking over. Now, whether you think that is the case or the primary reason is a matter of discussion. But Twitter does have a bot problem, this change seems pretty extreme. Without a doubt, Elon Musk’s tweet was successful in gaining a lot of attention and opinions. Many users emphasized how radical this change is.

Pay $8 per month in order to be visible in the ‘For You tab

Many users have reacted to this modification negatively. It appears that the platform has adopted a hook or crook strategy to make the users pay and get the Twitter Blue subscription. For You is the default view on the platform. Most users prefer using it for finding purposes. Besides this, the platform also offers the Following tab that shows the content shared by the accounts you follow.

Elon Musk has taken over the platform since October 2022. Since then, Musk has introduced various changes and modifications to Twitter. He also fired a bunch of employees at the same time. Well, time will unveil how far Musk gets with this recent change, as the pushback from users can’t be overlooked.

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