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Elon Musk’s Neuralink Will Soon Announce New Brain Interface Information

Neuralink is one of several sci-fi-style projects from Elon Musk, the start-up working on implants designed to connect the human brain to computers. So far, the whole thing is more of a cyberpunk vision than reality, but that could change (a bit) in the fall. The science fiction subgenre cyberpunk many decades ago dreamed of virtual worlds, access to the metaverse, cyberspace, or whatever you want to call it, but this mostly happened with interface solutions that connect you directly to the brain.

Of course, neuroscience is not unfamiliar with the subject; humans have been trying to somehow “tap” the brain for a long time. But that’s far from easy, especially since the human brain is a damn complex part of the central nervous system. Elon Musk’s Neuralink aims to solve the problem and create a working and advanced interface between man and machine. In the professional world, there are serious doubts as to why Musk and Co. of all people should succeed, which may not be why research fails, but progress is very slow.

Halloween presentation

The company has so far shown that a monkey connected via Neuralink can play a simple computer game. Elon Musk now has via Twitter announced an event or presentation for October 31, aka Halloween, that will provide an update on the project’s progress. One can only speculate about what that might be. Although Neuralink announced its first human clinical trials earlier this year, they haven’t started yet.

The responsible US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet granted approval and it is not known when this might be the case. Things aren’t going so well at Neuralink, though: most of the co-founders have since left the company, which was founded six years ago. Six months ago, there was also a report accusing the company of rather toxic work culture.

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