End Task in Windows 11 Now Comes To Taskbar via Right Click

Microsoft recently introduced an interesting and useful new feature in Windows 11 22H2 with which tasks displayed in the taskbar can be easily ended with a right click. Developers in particular benefit from this new option.

Microsoft employee points out useful innovation

Microsoft employee Jen Gentleman pointed out a new operating option introduced in Windows 11 22H2 on X/Twitter. If you want to close a running program, you can now easily do this via the taskbar in the latest regular edition of Windows 11.

All you have to do is right-click on the icon of the respective application in the taskbar to open the context menu. There you will find a button to end the task if you have activated the corresponding option in the Windows developer settings.

Must be activated manually

This step is a prerequisite. In order for the whole thing to work, you have to switch on the “End task” option in the Windows settings in the “System” area and its “For developers” subarea. The new feature is primarily intended for developers who often work with programs that do not have a proper program window.

Until now, you always had to go through the task manager if you wanted to end a running task. In order for the new Windows trick described by Gentleman to actually be activated in the developer settings, the so-called September Configuration Update for Windows 11 22H2 is required.

Since the September Configuration Update is, as is often the case, distributed in waves, Gentleman recommends activating the option to quickly obtain all updates as soon as they become available in the Windows Update settings. Microsoft has also introduced some other changes and innovations with the update, about which the company provides more information on the support pages.

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