Windows 11 October Patch Cause Crashes

The latest Windows 11 update from October Patch Day brings with it a number of problems that Microsoft should urgently address. This includes game and Explorer crashes.

Problems reproduced

The magazine Windows Latest reproduced this in several attempts. In an article, the magazine now highlights the problems that have been reported by users and have only existed since the update on October 10th.

The October patch is the latest security update for Windows 11 22H2 and brings several improvements, including integrating websites into the Recommended section of the Start menu. The official release notes say that Microsoft is not aware of any known issues, but that is not the case.

Windows Latest tests were able to reproduce the reported problems with Windows 11 KB5031354 (Build 22621.2428). However, it appears that only the version from 2022 is affected and not the original Windows 11 Update (21H2).

An error in the Windows 11 October update caused Starfield and other games to crash with error code 0x89245106. This error code indicates that there is a problem with the default user or that no default user is currently selected. Those affected usually report a delayed start with an abort, which then leads to a crash.

There has been a similar problem with File Explorer since the update. Users report sudden crashes without receiving an error message. A general impression among users is that the update has generally slowed down the performance of Explorer. However, there is currently no known bug listed in the Windows Release Health Dashboard for update KB5031354.

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