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Endless Dungeon: Shooter combines tower defense and roguelite

Amplitude, known for Humankind and the Endless game series, announced Endless Dungeon in the form of a trailer over a year ago. Sega as the game’s publisher has not yet given a release date, but the roguelike shooter can already be added to the wish list on Steam.

Shipwrecks make their way through dungeons

Endless Dungeon is a tactical roguelite twin-stick shooter with a sci-fi setting, tower defense elements, and a third-person view. Incidentally, Roguelite is an RPG subgenre of games that is similar in gameplay to the classics villain are ajar – however, unlike Roguelike, there is only the procedurally generated level structure, with no possibility of permanent death. Inspired by Dungeon of the Endless yet different, Endless Dungeon has 3D graphics and the player has full control over the characters.

As the name suggests, like Dungeon of the Endless, the game takes place in the Endless universe. The player ship is stranded on a station and stuck, luckily the stranded one is not alone and meets others who are stuck in the same situation. Now you have to find out if there is a way out of the space station or if all the stranded people are stuck forever.

With up to two other team members you now have to jump into the next dungeon, open doors there, defeat hordes of monsters, and most importantly protect a crystal – because, without the yellow gem, the dungeon will collapse. If all Crystal Defenders fall victim to the monster hordes, they simply reload in the lobby and can try again.

The gameplay opens new doors

Before starting the dungeon, you can choose between different characters. Each character has different stats, skills, and weapon types. When playing alone, the player assembles his own team of three. Finally, in the dungeon, it involves opening the next doors, but it is unclear what is behind them. Whether monsters, loot, generators, or all in one is uncertain as long as no one dares to enter the next room. By the way, generators can only be built on the generator slots on the map.

There you can choose between three types of generators that generate science, production, or food points – but only when a new dungeon door is opened. During the exploration of the dungeon, of course, the crystal should not be forgotten – it is often and occasionally attacked by monsters.

As if that wasn’t enough, the crystal also has to be escorted from A to B several times, it leaves the crystal place – mainly for this reason – the monsters go mad and come in droves of all the gradually uncovered monster spawners and try to kill this to prevent. There are no dungeons without loot – so new weapons and other gear can be found in chests.

Cleverly placed towers and the defenders’ own skills can counteract this. The crux of the matter is that defensive measures cannot be set up in every room, and only to a limited extent, because each measure costs production points. Players who don’t care about the number of turrets but value quality can buy new and better turrets with science points. Food points can be exchanged for stat and skill upgrades. An almost solo attempt with only a few guns, but the firepower of the characters is not impossible. Not to lose sight of during gameplay, there is a map with the locations of the generators, defense measures, monster spawners, and doors that are still locked.

Playable in single-player and co-op

Now if you don’t want to wait for friends, you can also throw yourself into the dungeon battles alone. By switching characters, all of the team’s skills can be used. An AI takes over the currently unplayed defenders and shoots monsters in range. The single player can also give the character’s commands regarding card position – “Follow me!”, “Protect the crystal!” – while the crystal moves to the next room or leaves the character where it is. These are all choices left to the player. Online co-op allows players to position themselves better at the same time – players with tactical thinking and a sense of team play are sought after in the dungeon. Communication is the key to victory, as resources are limited and the crew shares a points bill – so you have to agree on what gets built where or which character gets what gear. The game will be available for PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and 4, and Nintendo Switch. The twin-stick shooter can already be added to the Steam wish list.

The game convinces with strategy and gameplay

At Gamescom 2022, ComputerBase got the chance to do a hands-on for Endless Dungeon. With a short presentation, you can start playing the open dev version. After a short tutorial, you can slip into the first dungeon.

Endless Dungeon (Photo: Sega) At first glance, Endless Dungeon sounds like a chaotic mishmash of genres, but the tactical roguelite twin-stick shooter with a sci-fi setting, tower defense elements, and third-person view proves to be excellent consistently. In keeping with the sci-fi universe setting, the characters are designed accordingly without being directly reminiscent of laser sword movies.

The combination of different play styles through different characters, which in turn bring their own skills and weapons, different powerful monsters, and different tower defense options, forces the player to find his own individual play style. Interesting for curious players is what is in the next dungeon room. The incentive to form a strategy is also commendable, with the occasional trial and error there are plenty of reasons to do better in the next run.