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Epic Continue To Give Away More Games

Since the launch of the Epic Games Store, it has had a tradition that many PC gamers benefit from. Because Epic gives away one game per week, including top-class titles again and again. While these sometimes fall into the “gift horse” category, Epic wants to continue that.

Every Thursday after 5 p.m., many players visit the Epic Games Store. They don’t necessarily buy something there but want to know which game Epic is currently giving away or will soon be releasing as a free game. Because this tradition has existed since the start of the Epic Games Store, on certain occasions such as Christmas the frequency is even increased and there is a new game every day.

Although there are always games there that end up on the “pile of shame”, i.e. are never actually started, you can still discover some indie pearls in this way. For Epic, since the start of its in-house distribution platform, this has of course been a business investment, because the free games are intended to attract users to its platform.

As The Verge reports, Epic Games has already cost millions of dollars and wants to continue. Because on the technical side, Steve Allison, vice president and general manager of the Epic Games Store, said that they also plan to provide a “top game” in this way every month.

6.5 to 25 million hits

In the other weeks, it will continue to draw attention to “hidden gems”, specific developers it respects, and vendors with upcoming releases. The smaller games are advantageous for the respective developers and also popular: “The smallest free games receive between six and a half and 7 million hits every week.” For the big games, according to Allison, 20 to 25 million users secure the games in their libraries.

Epic also gave an insight into the development of the Games Store: in 2022 daily active users peaked at 34.3 million, and in 2021 it was 31.1 million. The number of monthly active users increased to 68 million from 62 million in 2021.

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