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Tiktok to be banned by European Commission as per cybersecurity concerns


Tiktok has been facing quite a lot of backlash lately due to allegations against it as a foreign-based company. Tiktok was being held responsible for mishandling users’ data. Tiktok was banned by a lot of US states and government companies because its parent company was of Chinese origin. As per reports from Politico, following this issue, the European Commission (EC) has ordered its staff to remove the app from their personal devices that are being used as a part of mobile services.

This decision was made in spite of protection against cyber security threats and actions that could be used against the corporate environment. The commission intends to impose the ban on March 15, and users will lose access to everything, including email services and Skype for business purposes, on devices that still have the app. According to reports, the European Union council and parliament will investigate the suit.

Tightened grip on Tiktok

The US House of Representatives and at least 20 states have prohibited the app from being used on government devices due to worries about the Chinese government’s allegedly accessing user data and other security concerns. The European Commission’s decision to ban TikTok is similar to actions taken there. Nonetheless, CEO Shou Zi Chew of TikTok will testify before the US House on March 23 to address concerns about the security and safety of US users in an effort to reduce hostilities between lawmakers and the social media platform.

TikTok denies any wrongdoing and claims that the ban is “based on fundamental misconceptions,” despite the efforts of governments throughout the world to hold the firm accountable for its data protection standards. In order to address concerns and clarify how they protect user data, TikTok has asked the EU to meet up and is ready to present evidence that it’s not a threat. Tiktok has also offered transparency access of application to prevent these bans but it haven’t worked out either.

According to a TikTok representative, “We’re continuing to enhance our approach to data security, notably by constructing three data centers in Europe to keep user data locally, further restricting employee access to data, and decreasing data flows outside of Europe.”

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