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ExoMars rover: DLR suspends projects with Russia

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s decision to wage a war of aggression against Ukraine also has direct consequences for numerous research collaborations – including at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Against the background of the war, the board of the organization has decided to discontinue cooperation with Russian institutions in ongoing or planned projects. In addition, no new projects or initiatives are allowed. It was not stated whether this was limited to a specific period or dependent on specific changes. As one of the largest research organizations in Europe engaged in international cooperation for society and the economy, DLR sees itself obliged to make this decision. “DLR employs employees from 96 countries. They stand for peaceful coexistence between all nations and people,” explains the Executive Board in its statement.

ExoMars rover stays on Earth

Several projects are underway between DLR and Russian organizations, companies, and universities – often in collaboration with many other partners. They are also reportedly in the process of agreeing on exactly how to structure the separation of the Russian participants. After all, not all projects have to be terminated here, some can also be continued independently. An ongoing project specifically affected by the decision is the eRosita space X-ray telescope. This is based on plans that began in the Soviet Union in the late 1980s but ultimately failed to be implemented by Russia due to resource constraints. This year, the joint Mars rover ExoMars should also be launched on its way to the red planet – that is not happening now.


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