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Extreme Heatwave alerts will be soon available via Google Search

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Google has been really working on updating you regarding severe weather conditions. It has made its way through by updating you regarding wildfires, flood alerts, earthquakes, and hurricane updates, all on your device. Along with all these updates, Google is now planning to add heatwaves to this list. It will update you on major heatwaves through Google search results.

Heatwave alerts

This feature will keep you fully updated regarding heatwaves. It will not only answer your questions about this diverse climate factor but also provide you with information through articles. It will warn you up front regarding when and where it will occur. This alert will provide a whole chart of durations about when this wave is going to start and about its approximate time period. We can hope for these to be available within the next few months.

As per information from Google Notes via this blog post, it’s reported that about half a million people die due to being vulnerable to heatwaves every year, and this figure tends to increase even more than that. These alerts will be helpful in generating alerts regarding heatwaves and the ways to stay cool to remain unharmed from this by telling you your health concerns that you need to keep in check in order to be on the safe side.

All this information will be available right through your search bars. Also, these updates are ensured to be correct by Google as they are interconnected with the Global Heath Information Network.

With the introduction of SOS alerts, which pointed people to reliable sources of information after natural disasters, Google’s civic-minded initiatives got underway in 2017. Since then, the Mountain View-based software giant has switched to other types of crisis operations, such as identifying potential flood zones.

In addition to heat alerts, Google is also developing the Tree Canopy programme, which it first introduced in 2021 and uses aerial images and cutting-edge AI capabilities to detect places in a city that don’t have enough trees. This program could make it easier for urban planners to identify heat islands—regions with significantly higher temperatures than the surrounding areas. With the addition of Atlanta, Baltimore, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Mexico City, Paris, Sydney, and Toronto to the list, Tree Canopy will now offer coverage in close to 350 cities worldwide.

With increasing risks of global temperatures rising consistently, this will be helpful for everyone.

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