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You can now listen to your favorite Podcasts in YouTube Music

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As per an announcement from Google, podcasts are now being rolled out in the YouTube Music app. As many users have reported seeing that feature available in the application. It’s available as a widget on your home screen, and along with that, it’s also there in your search panels.

As for massive users, this latest feature is right there on your home screen, and if it’s not there, you might be able to find it in the search bar. You can search for your favorite podcasts. However, this feature is only limited to the US for now, and if you are from any other region, your mileage will vary from this one.

Podcasts are now available in YouTube Music app

If we look at the interface of this podcast section, it’s available just like your regular music on the application. As per screenshotted information via 9to5Google, there is a playing section along with other parts of the interface. It contains the same option that will let you switch between audio and video mode for the content you are accessing, along with the catchy cover in the middle of your screen. Underneath it, you can see information regarding the podcast, including its title, along with thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons and the usual scrubbing bar. However, there are also some different buttons available that include 10-second rewind, 30-second fast forward, a sleep timer, and a playback speed selector.

Right in your search interface, you are able to filter your podcast, and it will move you right where you left the podcast. As with Spotify, you are able to add some music to your podcast content.

Unfortunately, it appears that not all of the podcasts available that you may subscribe to via RSS are available on YouTube Music. The original Reddit poster explains that they can only access podcasts that have been uploaded to YouTube and identified as such in the video service. You have access to a wide variety of audio content, although fewer podcasts are available here than, for example, on Google Podcasts or even Spotify. We can only hope Google intends to include support for standard RSS-based podcasts as well. Alternatively, Spotify can more effectively compete with YouTube Music in this market. As we no longer provide a video version, this also means that our own Android Police podcast isn’t accessible on the platform.

Along with that, we also got the news that Google Podcasts would stay as it is, but we are really in doubt regarding this commitment as Google has removed direct links to its podcasts from its search results.

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