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Facebook announced to release ‘Messenger 4’ with simple user interface

A social media giant, Facebook has announced to revamp its Messenger App to simplify the interface of the app for its users. The new Facebook Messenger App called the ‘Messenger 4’ app.

The Messenger App by the Facebook currently has as many as nine tabs which make it difficult for the users to navigate. After the latest update, only three tabs will be available into the Messenger App.

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As per the reports, one of the three tabs will be the main chats tab, from where all the chats will easily be accessible. The next and the second tab will be the People tab, where you can easily find your friends, check people’s stories, and you will be able to see who is active right now.

The third and the last tab will be ‘discover’ tab, where you will be able to connect to the businesses and get the latest deals, play games, follow the news and much more.

While using the latest Messenger 4 app, you will be able to use a chat customization option call ‘colour gradients’. This option allows the users to choose the colour gradient they want to use and when they scroll down and up the conversation, they will be able to see the colour change based on the colour gradient which they’ve chosen earlier.

Facebook has also planned to release a Dark mode in the Messenger app to reduce the glare, which will be easily available in the future updates.

The company announced to release the ‘Messenger 4’ gradually in the coming weeks for both Android and iOS.

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