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Facebook Blocking Apps from Accessing User Data

Facebook blocking apps

The social networking giant has given a deadline to all the developers for submitting their apps for review. Facebook is blocking apps from accessing user data that have failed to submit their apps for review. The deadline would be expiring today.

Back in May Facebook announced that all such applications that are making use of Facebook’s Application Programming Interface (API)—a developer platform that provides user data access to the application developers, have to undergo a detailed review for safeguarding the information of the social giant users. Facebook also gave a deadline until the 1st of August for submitting the apps for the application review process.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Facebook made an announcement that the social networking giant is terminating the API access for hundreds and thousands of inactive applications that failed to submit for the review process.

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Facebook went through a lot during the Cambridge Analytica disaster, after that the company has been strict in dealing with user data and has also tightened up its security measures for the safeguard of user information.

For obtaining specific API permits the developers need to verify their businesses. Also, the developers who are in a continuous process of making apps for other businesses are also required to sign new deals and to abide by the limitations of how the obtained data would be used.

For all those app developers who have missed the set deadline, Facebook said that it is still in the process of reviewing applications. The firm informed that the applications that the social networking giant is still reviewing would have an uninterrupted access to the data.

The reason for this review update was to ensure that the third-party software on Facebook abides with the firm’s data restriction and privacy rules from the company.

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