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Facebook, Google, Twitter Threatening to Leave Pakistan

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Facebook, Google, Twitter, the global internet companies have come up together threatening to leave Pakistan, as the country has given power local regulators to censor digital content.

According to the report, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority was given permission by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to remove and block digital content that cause “harms, intimidates or excites disaffection” toward the government or in other ways hurt the “integrity, security, and defence of Pakistan.”

Via a group named the Asia Internet Coalition (AIC), the tech firms stated that they were “alarmed” by the scope of Pakistan’s new law targeting internet firms.”

Other than Facebook, Google and Twitter,  AIC signifies Apple, Amazon, LinkedIn, SAP, Expedia Group, Yahoo, Airbnb, Grab, Rakuten, Booking.com, Line and Cloudflare.

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AIC in a statement said, “The draconian data localization requirements will damage the ability of people to access a free and open internet and shut Pakistan’s digital economy off from the rest of the world. It’s chilling to see the PTA’s powers expanded, allowing them to force social media companies to violate established human rights norms on privacy and freedom of expression.”

Adding, “The Rules would make it extremely difficult for AIC Members to make their services available to Pakistani users and businesses. If Pakistan wants to be an attractive destination for technology investment and realize its goal of digital transformation, we urge the Government to work with industry on practical, clear rules that protect the benefits of the internet and keep people safe from harm.”

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