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Facebook is labeling all posts about the US elections voting process

A few weeks ago, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the social media company Facebook announced that the platform would label all posts that mention voting and direct the social media users to visit Facebook’s voting hub for the authoritative information. According to the published reports, the feature has been launched.

According to the details, these labels and links to the voting information hub of the social media giant will apply to every user of the Facebook, including the politicians. Furthermore, the Facebook posts that specifically mention absentee voting or mail-in ballots will have the label with the link which direct the users to the official website of the government focused on absentee ballots.

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The authorities of the social media company have decided to label the posts after Facebook let the President of the United States (US) Donald Trump post false information on the platform about the mail-in ballots.

On the other hand, another social media company Twitter labeled the Tweets by President Trump on the subject as misleading and included links to “get the facts” on mail-in ballots.

Guy Rosen—Facebook VP of integrity has confirmed this development on Twitter. While the announced made by Facebook CEO in June made it sound like these links would go specifically to the voting hub owned by the company, Rosen’s tweet indicates that these labels and link will direct to the official information, presumably from the US government.

The screenshot Rosen shared in his Tweet shows a link directly to an official government site on voting.

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