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Facebook joins London’s Metropolitan Police to track terror live streams

A social media giant, Facebook has collaborated with the London Police to help its artificial intelligence tools to track the live streams of the terror’s activities such as the attacks on the mosques in New Zealand.

The social platforms including Facebook and YouTube came under criticism for initially failing to detect the live broadcast by the New Zealand attacker and then struggling to take uploads down that been shared on the platforms.

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Back in March, a white supremacist used a head-mounted camera to broadcast the live footage of the killing the innocent people by attacking two mosques in New Zealand’s city Christchurch.

After an incident, in May, the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern and several other world leaders initiated a campaign called “Christchurch Call to Action” against the online extremism. That campaign was later joined by Facebook and other major social networking platforms.

According to the statement issued by Facebook on Tuesday, it was in the process of updating its policies for dealing with the extremism and online hate.

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