Study Reveals that Teen Girls who Sleep Late are More Likely to Gain Weight

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According to a study, teen girls who sleep late are more likely to gain weight in comparison to teens who sleep early.

In the journal JAMA Pediatrics, the research was published that analyzed the sleeping habits of 804 volunteering adolescents. There were 418 girls, 386 boys between 11 and 16 age.

The participants were asked to respond to questionnaires regarding their sleep patterns. Their movement was tracked by a wristwatch that they wore.

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The waist size of children was used to calculate the fat proportion in their body, by the researchers.

Furthermore, the researchers including those from Kaiser Permanente in the US calculated the difference between weeknight and weekend bedtimes of children, also called social jet lag.

The study noted that previous studies have also found out that those adults who prefer to stay up late and had high social jet leg are more likely to gain weight in comparison to those who sleep early.

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