Facebook Launches Kit for Messaging Close Friends via Apple Watch


A new app has been launched by Facebook’s internal R&D group that allows you to keep up with close friends via the Apple Watch. The app called Kit or Keep in Touch operates via a combination of QR codes and the existing Messenger service of Facebook.

As per the description of the Kit App Store you can start the app scanning a QR code on your watch or by entering an access code at fb.com/devices. Then select the Messenger contact you wish to stay in touch with using Kit.

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The app permits you to sent different messages with just a single tap. This includes voice recordings, emoji, location sharing, scribbles and also dictation input. This is similar to how iMessage from your Apple Watch works.

But these messages are sent via the own Messenger service of Facebook not SMS or iMessage. The new app permits users to receive and respond to notifications and read the contact’s messages for you.

The aim of this app is to allow you to remain in touch with your contacts without having to pick up the phone.

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You can download Kit freely for iOS but it is just for users who own Apple Watch.

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