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Facebook, Twitter to face US Congress over politics and user privacy matters

The top executives of the social media giants, Twitter and Facebook will defend their companies before the lawmakers of the United States on Wednesday.

As per the reports, the Facebook executive will defend its company with an argument that the company takes the election interference seriously, while Twitter’s executive will deny the argument that its operations are influenced by the US politics.

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However, no executive from the Google Inc. is expected to appear before the lawmakers of the US to testify or defend the company, after the company declined the request made by the Senate Intelligence Committee to send the company’s most senior executive for the briefing.

Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook Inc. will appear before the US lawmakers alongside Jack Dorsey, the Twitter Chief Executive.

As per the written testimony released on Tuesday, both of the company’s representatives will try to convince the US lawmakers that their company’s efforts to counter the foreign influence efforts have improved since the US general elections in 2016.

“The actions we’ve taken in the response to the foreign political interference shows our determination to do everything we can to stop this kind of interference from happening,” Facebook’s executive, Sandburg said.

“The company has more than 20,000 people working on the people’s safety and security. With the help of these people, the company is getting better at finding and removing an inauthentic content from the platform,” she added.

The executives of many largest technology companies have repeatedly appeared before the US lawmakers over the past year to defend their companies over political influence activity on their sites as well as concerns over user privacy.

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