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Facebook Users Could Now Create More Real 3D Photos

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The social networking site—Facebook is adopting a new approach for the introduction of a 3D photo feature that would be adding more depth to the photos in the News Feed and VR headset.

Yesterday Facebook announced regarding the new 3D feature that has already begun to roll out that would show more life-like pictures in both News Feed and VR. The feature takes the distance between the subject in the foreground and the background, hence bringing the scenes to life by giving them both depth and movement.

The social giant explained that the users would just have to click the photo in a Portrait mode via their compatible dual-lens smartphone and then share it as a 3D photo on the website where the user could then pan, scroll and tilt the image to see the photo in realistic 3D, which Facebook has described as a feel like looking live through a window.

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The 3D photos could also be seen in VR and Oculus Browser on Oculus Go or Firefox on Oculus Rift.

The feature for viewing the 3D photos in News Feed and VR has already begun to launch, but, the ability to make and share the 3D photos have just been launched to some people and would be available for all in the upcoming weeks.

There is one catch to the newly launched feature, the feature is only supported by iPhones having a dual camera like the iPhone 7 plus, 8 plus, X or XS.

Facebook wrote that the 3D photos could help one feel even closer to the people, objects and places one share on Facebook and relive the memories in such a way that feels more real.

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