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Facebook’s Snooze Tool Would Allow Muting Annoying Friends for a Month

Facebook is currently planning the launch of a new feature “Snooze” for all the users. The feature had been tested previously in September. The feature permits one to mute a friend, a group or some page on Facebook for a period of thirty days resulting in temporarily avoiding any updates from the muted items on their respective News Feed.

The controls of the feature are exactly like those of the presently available Unfollow/Hide feature that allows one to permanently remove a friend’s or page’s updates from one’s timeline completely without unfriending them. Now, instead of Unfollow or Hide, the Facebook users would be seeing the option to Snooze the account for like a period of a month that is thirty days.

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Personally, I think it would be an amazing roll out in the present scenario as people are actively using the last week’s newly launched tool of answering their personal questions and News Feed these days are flooded with the answers as every answer is its own status update post.


People want to have full controls on what they want to see on their News Feed, keeping that in mind Facebook decided the making and introduction of this Snooze tool which allows one to not see posts from a particular source for some short span of time.

The people, pages or groups that are snoozed would not be notified, instead, the one putting them on snooze would be alerted before the snooze period would be ending and the snooze settings could be changed at any time.

Snooze just delays the annoyance one is experiencing from some page or friend or group, so if one feels like using the snooze option often then snooze might not be the only option, I mean one could always unfriend or leave the friend or group respectively or do not use Facebook at all.

Snooze would be rolling out next week.

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