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Few macOS apps require updates in order to support Wi-Fi 6E on the latest macs

On Tuesday, Apple introduced the two new MacBook Pros. Reportedly, they were the 14-inches and16-inches MacBook Pro powered by M2 Pro and M2 Max chips respectively. Besides these striking features, the two laptops feature support for Wi-Fi 6E. Such a feature is introduced for the first time on a Mac device. However, some of the apps require an update to work properly on the recent Wi-Fi technology.

Wi-Fi 6E is the most recent generation of Wi-Fi. It is capable of providing high speeds, low latency, and less interference. All these features are attributed to the support of a unique spectrum. Reportedly, the Wi-Fi 6E operates in a much wider spectrum in contrast to past generations of Wi-Fi. In simple words, with Wi-Fi 6E users will have access to fast as well as stable networks.

In 2022, the company Apple debuted the first device with support for the Wi-Fi 6E tech. It was offered with iPad Pro fueled by an M2 chip. As of now, the support for Wi-Fi 6E has been extended by the company to two new products i.e., MacBook Pro and Mac mini. Besides the support for Wi-Fi 6E, these devices have the support for new Wi-Fi standards. According to the company, the new standard of Wi-Fi is two times faster than the previous generation.

Although this all is way too good to hear we need to mention one thing over here. Not all apps are going to operate at faster speeds and low latency. Since some particular tools on macOS require an update in order to work with the new technology.

According to Adrian Granados, the co-founder and developer of Intuitbits, the recent version of macOS is devoid of the framework that will enable third-party apps to benefit from the Wi-Fi 6E interface. The company on the backend of the well-known WiFi Explorer app is Intuitibits. The WIFI Explorer app enables users to gain a detailed understanding of the surrounding Wi-Fi networks.

It is quite evident soon an update will be released by Apple concerning this problem. Presently, macOS Ventura 13.2 is in the developmental phase. It is anticipated that the version will be released to the public in the upcoming weeks.

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