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Final Fantasy VII Remake will ship early

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of Square Enix’s most-foreseen discharges ever, and after previously pushing the game’s dispatch date back a month ago, it’s run into another hiccup: disturbance brought about by the worldwide coronavirus episode implies that a few players may wind up getting the game before others.

In a tweet, the Final Fantasy maker Yoshinori Kitase and executive Tetsuya Nomura clarify that “These unique circumstances have made it very difficult to align the timing of our global shipping. Our highest priority is that all of you, including those that live in countries currently facing the biggest disruption, can play the game at launch, so we made the decision to ship the game far earlier than usual to Europe and Australia.”

In that capacity, the pair can’t ensure delivery dates for every nation and their retailers, in spite of the fact that the game will deliver this week for other western districts – including North America – and they’re “optimistic that most of you will receive the game for launch day.”

This, obviously, opens up the chance of significant spoilers for those that get the game marginally later, so Kitase and Nomura have begged players to be aware of this. “All our fans and players deserve to experience the game for themselves, and we ask for the support of our dedicated community around the world to ensure that.”

You’d trust that in these weird occasions individuals will make the best decision and stay silent, yet that can’t be ensured, so you may be in an ideal situation maintaining a strategic distance from games discussions until you get your duplicate.

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