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Prusa Research Is 3D-Printing Face Shields For Frontline Medics

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has broken out, the states and health authorities are outdoing themselves to contain the deadly virus. At the forefront, the medical staff is incredibly short on essential self-protection supplies, such as hazmat suits, gloves, and facial masks.

In the Czech Republic, the 3D print manufacturer, Prusa Research is working with the national ministry to design 3D-printed face shields.

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According to TechRadar Pro, the shields are based on designs by Gizeh Trianam and the firm’s RC1 3D-printed face shields. The product went from concept to manufacturing in just three days. The blueprints are available to be printed by any global desktop 3D print community.

In a week’s time, Prusa Research has produced over 16,000 units which are already dispatched across the country to doctors and frontline staff.

The shield is not a strictly medical device, but an additional layer of safety for the workers fighting the battle against COVID-19 pandemic. Primarily designed for medical professionals, it could also be worn by anyone who has to work in public.

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The design has been verified by the Czech health ministry, but the product has not secured official certification. The rules were relaxed due to the increase in demands.

According to Josef Prusa, founder of Prusa Research, “As the 3D community matures, we can show that we can do things properly. It helps to set people’s mindset when someone outside of the community sees what 3D printing can do and how useful a desktop 3D printer can be.”

It is yet to be seen whether 3D-printed equipment can turn the tide in favor of survivors. Surely, the 3D print community is ready to put up a fight.

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