Google Messages now comes with RCS enabled by default, making it more secure

The RCS feature has been available for quite some time now. The tech giant Google is now working to convert it into SMS 2.0. Although the company is not receiving any cooperation from Apple regarding this, that is a completely different topic. Recently, the company has introduced some changes to Google Messages.

As per the available information, the company has introduced the RCS feature to chats by default. It means that the chats on Google Messages are now more secure. Previously, users were required to turn on the RCS feature every time they purchased a new device. It was necessary since the users were only left with SMS in another case.

Some users considered turning on the RCS feature unnecessary and wondered why it was unavailable by default. As of now, the company has changed things for the better. The feature will now be present by default in the app. It will be available to both existing and new users. Currently, there is no information on whether the feature will come as a part of a server-side change or as part of an app update.

The chats on Google Messages are now fully end-to-end encrypted

Well, this is not all. In addition to the RCS messages feature, the company declared that Google Messages are now end-to-end encrypted. Furthermore, the company has introduced end-to-end encryption to group chats as well. With the current development, the cycle of encryption is now complete and more secure.

Google is adding new features to the Google Messages app. Undoubtedly, the app has become more secure and feature-rich over time. Recently, the company introduced indicators for RCS chats to the app. With this feature, users can conveniently identify RCS chats and simple SMS chats. Remember that since RCS conversations take place online, there aren’t any actual fees associated with sending SMS texts. Although it is highly practical, SMS 2.0 won’t actually happen unless Apple uses it. At least not right now; that doesn’t seem likely.

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