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Finally, YouTube has stopped running these obnoxious adverts

In the modern internet world, ads have penetrated almost every website and application. When it comes to YouTube, users are presented with ads before or during a video. Sometimes the ads are short and sometimes they are lengthy. A recent update marks that the company is soon going to get rid of some annoying ads. Reportedly, the company is going to remove the banner ads.

Banner ads usually appear during a video at the bottom of the screen. Usually, they are presented in videos that are monetized. Users can press the ‘X’ icon on the banner ad to remove it. The recent information was shared via a post on the YouTube Help Forum. The company indicates that beginning from April 6th banner ads will be removed. Of course, such a step is headed toward improved user experience. where the company has named the recent strategy as a “legacy ad format”.

Well, it is difficult to decipher the exact meaning of the company’s decision. However, removing banner ads will definitely cut down the avenue of income for YouTubers. On the other hand, it appears that banner ads are low-performing in contrast to various other ad formats. Looks like the company is focusing on ads that have high-performance rates on desktop and mobile.

Well, we hope that the company doesn’t include more ads as part of its new strategy. Since ads are annoying. Many users have complained about their overdose in the past. Besides this, if you are looking for an ad-free experience on YouTube, you can go for the YouTube Premium Plan. Since Premium plan offers zero ads, downloads, background playing, and access to new experimental features.