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Coming soon, Messenger will re-join the Facebook app

Many years ago it was decided that Facebook and Messenger should be provided as two different apps in order to provide a better user experience. however, it now appears that the situation is going to change. A recent piece of information from Meta suggests that Messenger will soon re-join the Facebook app.

The recent announcement was spotted in a blog post. Meta states that the change is soon going to happen. The company states that it intends to offer a convenient user experience that enables users to connect effortlessly be it through the Messenger app or the Facebook app. This suggests that now users won’t have to use two different apps on their smartphones. they will be able to communicate as well as scroll the news feed within the same application.

Besides this, the company has not mentioned any specified timeline for when the feature will be rolled out. However, the company has indicated that it is currently testing the feature. Some of the users are presented with the feature already. It is anticipated that testing might include some more users in the future.

In addition to this, the company has indicated that other features of the Messenger app will be included in the Facebook app over the course of upcoming years. although, in the beginning, inbox, and basic messaging features will be introduced. With time, the app will combine other features too. The changes are expected to be introduced on the Android as well as iOS versions of the app.

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