Finnish carriers have opted to ban the sale of Xiaomi products

According to some recent pieces of information, Xiaomi products might face a ban in Finland. According to reports, the major telecom carriers, i.e., DNA, Telia, and Elisa, have decided to prohibit the sales of Xiaomi and its brands, including POCO and Redmi. Xiaomi’s presence in Russia is considered support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Furthermore, Xiaomi extends its support to Russian companies for debuting new products that have raised concerns about the company’s stance.

At Telia, we regularly assess our equipment choices and adjust them as appropriate. New device models won’t be accessible because we have temporarily ceased working with Xiaomi. According to Markku Saranpää, director of Telia’s device division, the remaining items that are in stock are sold through the web store and stores.

One thing to notice here is that this is Finland’s independent decision. It has nothing to do with the European Union or its sanctions. In addition to this, Finnish retailers like Verkkokauppa and Gigantti will continue selling Xiaomi’s products, including smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Xiaomi’s reaction

The company has not responded to the current situation yet. In the past, the company stated that it was its responsibility to cater to Russian customers and employees since Xiaomi has a commitment to extend its services in the region. The company’s take was constantly rejected and criticized by the EU. The EU believes that Xiaomi’s activities in Russia are providing financial support to the Russian government. Well, Finland is not the only country that has imposed a ban on Xiaomi products. Earlier in March 2023, Lithuania and Poland also banned Xiaomi products.

Possible effects

Xiaomi has a 10% market share in Finland. The recent move by Finland could grab the attention of the EU and eventually result in dreadful consequences for Xiaomi. Since the EU can impose a ban on Xiaomi.

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