Firefox is testing a built-in feature to filter out fake reviews


The parent company of the Firefox browser, Mozilla, is testing out the latest built-in browser feature. This feature will allow users to observe the authenticity of product reviews. This feature for the first time was reported by MSPowerUser, titled ‘Review Checker’, which was confirmed by Mozilla officials.

Working of Review checker

The function was introduced five months after Mozilla purchased Fakespot, a business that uses artificial intelligence to find bogus reviews. Their website, app, and browser extensions employ AI to automatically correct product ratings and weed out fraudulent reviews. They immediately alter the star rating and remove any dubious reviews before assigning letter grades to the reviews’ dependability.

But the Firefox browser now includes that technology by default. According to Mozilla senior product management director Byron Jourdan, a small number of users in the US are actively testing it. It functions on Amazon, BestBuy, and Walmart, three of the largest retail websites.

The Review Checker tool’s tiny icon can be found in the URL bar when you visit one of their pages. It’s presently in beta, but once enabled, you’ll see some highlights, an adjusted 5-star rating, and a grade rating for the product reviews. Ratings of A or B indicate trustworthy evaluations, C is mixed, and D or F is suspect. Since it’s a small tool, it shouldn’t slow down your browsing, but you can easily turn it off if necessary.

Shoppers and companies face a severe issue with fake reviews

Users are a prime target for con artists since they mainly rely on feedback when making purchases online. With false reviews, Amazon and other businesses have been engaged in a whack-a-mole game for years. However, things have only gotten worse. Scammers are using AI to mass-produce difficult-to-detect bogus reviews. In product reviews, expressions like “as an AI language model” are becoming more common.

With the help of AI, Firefox’s Review Checker seeks to provide online buyers with a tool to find reliable reviews. It’s like fighting fire with fire, in a way. Millions of reviews are sorted through by their powerful artificial intelligence. Then, it makes use of the training data to find patterns and oddities in fake reviews.

With its AI-powered review verification, Mozilla intends to lessen the world’s carbon footprint. Product returns are frequently caused by fake reviews, which have a negative influence on the environment. Millions of dollars have already been invested in this initiative by Mozilla. And the Review Checker demonstrates Mozilla’s dedication to an open and reliable web. “We will continue to test and see if this is one of the ways we can help improve people’s online experience,” Byron said to the Verge.

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