X will now allow its users to restrict replies to verified accounts only

In the latest update, X is putting replies behind a paywall. The latest amendments to the platform will only allow you to accept replies from verified accounts that have paid for X Premium.

X has received immense amendments since Elon Musk acquired it. Following rounds of significant layoffs, the billionaire changed the platform’s rules, ostensibly to support free speech. Later, he hid an edit button and other premium features behind a paywall. You must now pay X a monthly fee if you want a blue-verified badge and further benefits.

The most recent addition to X is highly divisive. The business revealed on Monday that users can now restrict comments on their posts to only verified premium accounts.

You can restrict your post response to verified accounts only

There are yet no reasons mentioned for this latest change to the platform. Although one strong opinion regarding this feature is that it’ll control online harassment and misinformation, along with that, it’ll make it easier to recognize cybercriminals and predators, which will make it more convenient for law enforcement.

This argument is flawed because X only charges $7.99 a month to purchase a verification badge, yet the website now hosts countless bots that have that badge. To make their bots appear more real and legitimate, the owners pay the monthly cost.

Prioritizing paid users’ responses was already a practice at X, and the most recent change makes interaction more difficult for non-X Premium members. Lower user and platform engagement rates may result from this as well.

Another contentious update to the site was recently made, which some people feel is contributing to the spread of misinformation. X now deletes the headlines from article links, misleading users into thinking there is no connection at all. If these modifications could lessen harassment and misinformation, it remains to be seen. A recent accusation from the European Union claimed the highest ratio of disinformation is on X.

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