First Stretchable Display Revealed By Samsung

The first stretchable display would be revealed by Samsung quite soon as the company disclosed this on Monday 22nd 2017.

The OLED panel by Samsung is 9.1 inch and yes it is stretchable. This new advancement by Samsung would be displayed at the Society for Information Display Conference which would be held in US on Tuesday.

The existing OLED can stretch in only one direction, but this new Samsung display can curve, bend and roll in any side, above and below as per a spokesperson of Samsung. This is the most innovative and flexible display that would be released in near future.

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When the user would press, the display would move up to 12 millimeters and then it returns back to its basic shape.

The technology is still emerging, it has not fully established to be released. More research and improvisation is being done on it before it is publically released.

Three-dimensional, glass-less OLED display would also be uncovered by Samsung. This latest feature could be used in 3-D games, virtual reality and 3-D pop-up books.

It has been predicted by a research firm called IHS Markit that after this release Samsung’s sales would raise tremendously. They have been $5.3 billion this year, by 2020 it would increase to $15.7 billion. This would be because of the unique flexible display we would see in Samsung phones in upcoming years.