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Folding Smartphone Sales To Grow Fast: Research

In the week of foldable Android smartphones, Counterpoint Research analysts wanted to anticipate very good prospects for this segment of the mobile market.

It seems that Samsung fueled the fire and everyone wanted to add fuel and it is that what seemed like a placid week in August has become not only the framework for the presentation of an Unpacked 2022 with the Galaxy Z 4th generation as protagonists but also finally on the perfect exit ramp for two other of the most anticipated folding of the year: the Motorola RAZR 2022 and the Xiaomi MIX Fold 2.

Be that as it may, it will once again be the Galaxy Z Fold4 and, above all, the Galaxy Z Flip4, which will set the tone for the market, so with all the fish sold our friends from CounterpointResearch wanted to offer us their expert vision and perspectives for a market segment that points to growth already some very positive numbers for the coming quarters.

The new Galaxy Z Fold 4, is the most powerful and refined of Samsung’s foldable. In fact, it is that improvements are evident both in hardware and in design and durability and obviously a clear trend towards containment of costs and final prices as Samsung has managed to keep them in a scenario of massive inflation, and both Motorola and Xiaomi have lowered them compared to its previous iterations.

Nobody doubts that very soon, as the market matures, we will surely end up seeing some mid-cut folding and affordable prices -we ourselves speculated yesterday about this possibility with the Galaxy A family as the recipient-, and Counterpoint analysts agree that foldables being the category of smartphones that is growing the most in sales. In recent years, it would not be crazy to expect greater democratization as early as 2023.

Why is it not crazy that we see a cheap and folding Samsung Galaxy A? The prospects could not be more promising, because, In 2021, 9 million folding mobile units were sold in 2022 the forecast is to double this amount until it exceeds 16 million units delivered, reaching up to 26 million folding phones sold by the end of 2023. The real growth, then, would be 73% between the year 2021 and the current 2022 with another 62.5% positive if we look at the year 2023.

The numbers don’t lie, and the future is foldable! Forecast of global net sales of foldable mobiles (in millions) according to Counterpoint Research. They say from Counterpoint Research that the great beneficiary of all is Samsung which is ultimately the manufacturer that bets the most on folding since the birth of this category, and which has also promised to redouble efforts to differentiate itself more from an Apple that has not even entered this battle.

Not in vain, the South Korean giant monopolized 62% of the folding market in June 2022, with Huawei and OPPO in discreet positions 2 and 3, very far from Samsung’s shares. Analysts say that with the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 in stores this share of Samsung will grow even more until approaching an 80% share and that the options of Xiaomi and Motorola look very competitive:

Samsung has led the market from the beginning and we believe that its dominance will continue for some time. Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, and vivo are all introducing new foldable devices, but they are mostly limited to the Chinese market. Motorola will surely be the only real competitor in markets like the US for now. We expect the new Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 combo to continue Samsung’s momentum in the industry with close to 9 million units shipped this year, helping the company’s H2 2022 share of foldables grow. up to 80%. Jene Park, senior analyst at Counterpoint Research.

Market share of foldable mobiles by manufacturer, according to Counterpoint Research. The big problem was mentioned by analyst Jene Park, and that is that most of Samsung’s rivals in the foldable market are limited to China market without a doubt with the OPPO Find N as a great incentive given its excellence in construction by limiting the folding of the flexible panel, but without the possibility of accessing it or in our markets nor in large production runs.

What does seem to be confirmed is that folding mobiles do not stop growing, and are becoming more attractive both in price and in the durability of their components, so I have no doubt that will continue to increase their market shares to continue convincing more and more users each time.

The trend is also that the winning format is clamshell-type mobiles, perhaps because of their prices or also because They offer us the experience that we already know of a current high-end but in his case with the possibility of folding it and carry it more comfortably. And you, have you already tried a folding one? Are you waiting for them or do you still not trust them?

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