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For Android, Google is releasing a stand-alone weather app

Do you like getting weather updates on a daily basis? Do you wish for a standalone Weather app for your Android smartphone? well, it seems like your wish is soon going to be fulfilled because Google could introduce a separate Weather app for Android.

Normally, many users on Android utilize the Google app to get updates about the weather. It has been made easy on the Google app via the At a Glance widget. However, it is not available on devices that lack the Pixel launcher. In accordance with some fresh pieces of information, the tech giant Google is working on introducing a separate weather app to Android.

Well, this is some good news for users who keep an eye on day-to-day weather. The WearOS has a dedicated Weather app. Now, it will be introduced to Android. This information appears to be correct, however, you should take it with a grain of salt. The information about this app was spotted by 9to5Google via an APK deep research. The company has not shared any word regarding it officially. And there’s a chance that Google pulls out of this idea.

The traces of a new app were identified from the Google Clock app version 7.5. This is quite strange that this app has the code. The redesigned Clock app will display the time and the current weather in your area. The standalone weather app might give the Clock app the current local weather.

Certain features were identified inside the Clock app. These include Low visibility, Heavy Rain, Nighttime Scattered thunderstorms, Rain with Sleet or Hail, Blizzards, Clear Days, Cloudy, Drizzle, Flurries, Tropical storms or hurricanes, and Very Hot. So, we may anticipate a flawless integration between the clock app and the weather app.

There is no certainty when this app will make its way to the general public. However, it might launch before the official release of Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet. The app should include the Material You theme upon its release.

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