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For laid-off employees, Google denies paying maternity leave

Several tech companies have laid off hundreds and thousands of employees as a measure to reduce costs. Similar is the case with Google. In January 2023, Google laid-off 12,000 employees. Some recent pieces of information suggest that the tech company is facing pushback from a few former employees.

Reportedly, a group of 100 former employees is protesting against the company’s decision. This group has been referred to as “Laid off on Leave.” The employees indicate that they were on maternity and medical leave when the company announced the job cuts. The company has decided not to pay these employees for the rest of their time off. Rather, they will be paid for their designated end date, along with standard severance, states the company.

Google increased the length of all parental leaves in 2022 to 24 weeks for birth parents and 18 weeks for full-time employees. Terminated employees, however, are still only entitled to 16 weeks of severance pay plus an additional two weeks for each added year of employment. Many employees are now at risk as a result of this judgment, especially those who were on leave when they were fired because they frequently depend on their employers for benefits and medical care.

The group of former employees sent an email to executives in January. In the email, they mentioned some specific cases and how they were impacted by job cuts while on their approved medical or maternity leave. One employee states that the company fired her just after one week of her approved leave. Where another employee said that she received the termination orders just one week prior to giving birth.

Google’s response to this situation

In response to this ongoing situation, the tech company states that it is offering a severance package that matches many other companies offerings.  Departing employees will receive regular salary as well as stocks for their 2 months notice period plus 16 weeks of severance pay. In addition to this, the company is offering the departed employees virtual doctor’s appointments.

Such a situation features a problem that is faced by several tech companies as they go through tough economic situations. Previously, the companies pledged great benefits to attract top talent but are now on the verge of revising those perks and benefits.

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