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Twitter postpones the debut of its new premium API for “a few more days”

Some recent reports indicate that Twitter has once again delayed its new API by a few more days. It is reported that the platform was set to introduce the new API on February 13. But just a few hours before the deadline, a tweet indicated that the release is delayed for a few more days.

Developers and Twitter users have been waiting since mid of January for the new APIs. Initially, it all started with the abrupt ending of the third-party API for clients. It was followed by the peril of the end of free API. Where free APIs were utilized by professionals as well as bot accounts. Since then, everyone is looking forward to the platform’s plans for API use.

Dissimilar to the previous announcements, the new declaration doesn’t indicate any specified time frame. Initially, the social media platform mentioned that the free API would be cut off starting Feb 9. It was thought to be substituted with a payment plan that was unknown to the community. Afterward, the plan was again pushed back to Feb 13 without any prior notice.

The recent step indicates that the company is going to take a few more days in order to provide the developer community with an optimal user experience with the new API. As of now, it is uncertain what will be the payment plan and what it will look like once it is launched. However, some pieces of information suggest that API will be priced at $100 per month.

In addition to this, a limited free tier package is also announced. It indicates that the free tier will be provided with a limit of 1500 tweets per month via a single authenticated user token. Do note that this is a write-only API. For this reason, it won’t be accompanied by the activation of RSS feeds to read Twitter timelines.

Each new strategy is flocking the users from the platform to other sites like Mastodon. Since the developers are left in a state of confusion. Besides this, the social media platform believes that the recent modification will help with enhancing the quality as well as reducing spam. Well, it is uncertain how things will work.