For the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung has added a fourth battery supplier

The South Korean conglomerate Samsung is working on its next flagship Galaxy S24 series. In the meantime, we have encountered several rumors and leaks regarding the upcoming flagship series. In this short piece, we will discuss the potential battery suppliers for the Galaxy S24 lineup. Last month, it was reported that the tech giant Samsung partnered with three manufacturers for the battery supplies of the flagship series.

According to the information, the company has partnered with Samsung SDI Vietnam, ELENTEC India, and Ningde Amperex Technology Limited. Besides these three battery suppliers, another name has been added to the list. Reportedly, Samsung is also collaborating with Navitasys India. Safety Korea, the Korean certifying agency, states that Navitasys India will be supplying batteries for the model code EB-BS928ABY. Reportedly, this model number refers to the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

On the other hand, the model numbers EB-BS922ABY and EB-BS926ABY have been given to the Galaxy S24 and S24+. Reportedly, these two model numbers are not a part of the listing, so it appears that Navitasys India might only be supplying batteries for the Ultra model and not the standard ones.

Furthermore, there are no details about whether the Indian battery suppliers will provide batteries for the upcoming Galaxy S24 models assembled locally in India or other regions. Currently, Samsung’s factory in India is the biggest operational mobile phone factory around the globe. Rumors suggest the Galaxy S24 series will arrive earlier than the Galaxy S23 series. They are expected to launch in January 2024.

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