Samsung SDI and Hyundai Motor sign a 7-year battery deal

Samsung SDI is known as the second-biggest car battery manufacturer in South Korea. The company officially declared that it has entered into a 7-year partnership with Hyundai Motors. Samsung SDI will supply batteries for electric vehicles. The official statement reveals that from 2026 to 2032, Samsung SDI will power Hyundai’s EVs.

According to Choi Yoon-ho, the President and Chief Executive of Samsung SDI, Samsung will put in all its efforts to help Hyundai strengthen its global market leadership. We will provide them with high-quality, advanced-tech batteries and eventually extend our long-term partnership with the automaker.

The EV batteries will be manufactured at Samsung SDI’s Hungary plant

There are no details about the size of the deal. An industry source claims that the batteries supplied by Samsung SDI would be used to power 500,000 EVs over the designated timeframe of seven years. Moreover, the company will provide Hyundai Motors Co. with P6, the sixth edition of the prismatic batteries. The P6 batteries have a silicon-based anode that is exclusive to Samsung SDI and a cathode that is 91% nickel-high. When all of this is combined, the energy density reaches its maximum.

According to reports, the company will manufacture the P6 batteries in Europe at its Hungary plant. With this deal, the company has added another customer to its portfolio in addition to General Motors Co., Stellantis, and BMW. Furthermore, the two companies have agreed to extend their partnership concerning research on next-generation battery platforms.

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