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Former Qualcomm vice president and semiconductor specialist hired by Samsung

Samsung is busy hiring some top executives from reputed companies for a while now. Just a week before, the tech firm hired two executives from Ericsson. These executives were specifically hired for the Samsung Networks team. Similarly, in December 2022, the South Korean tech giant collaborated and appointed an ex-Mercedes designer. Hubert H. Lee was hired to lead the design team of smartphones. As of now, a piece of recent information indicates that Samsung has employed Benny Katibian, former Vice president of Qualcomm.

At Qualcomm, Benny was responsible for the engineering division. At Samsung, Benny will work as the head of the Samsung Austin Research Center (SARC). Furthermore, Benny will also lead the Advanced Computing Lab (ACL). According to Business Korea, both of these are the main R&D centers of Samsung Electronics USA.

The reports suggest that Benny Katibian is a professional in semiconductors. At Qualcomm, he was leading the self-driving systems, including ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems). In addition to this, he also worked as the COO of the North American Cooperation in Xiaopeng. This is a Chinese electric car company. He has also served as the person in charge of the development of self-driving chips.

Through this hiring, it is anticipated that Samsung is all set to increase its efforts in the automotive business. The firm aims to enlarge its system-on-chip business i.e., System LSI. Furthermore, the company is looking forward to bolstering Exynos Auto. Basically, Exynos Auto is an AI-enabled automotive processor. It is utilized in a prototype for automotive by BMW. Currently, Exynos Auto is delivered to various car manufacturers, particularly to European auto manufacturers i.e., Audi and Volkswagen. By adopting such a strategy Samsung would conveniently enlarge its presence in the market.