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Apple M3 Processors Will Have 40 Cores

Apple M3 chip

Although Apple only recently launched new Macbooks with M1 processors on the market, the manufacturer is said to be working on the next but one chip generation. The M3 processors are to be manufactured in the three-nanometer process and equipped with up to 40 cores.

As The Information writes, internal documents indicate that the M3 processors are already being developed and will be used in the first Macs from 2023. Initially, however, devices are to be equipped with the second generation of silicon in the next year. The Mac Pro should still be based on the M1 architecture, but have a variant with twice as many cores. This would mean that it would have up to 20 cores.

The M2 chips will then be manufactured in an improved five-nanometer process. Since the M1 processors are also produced using the five-nanometer process, the increase in performance should be limited. As with the Mac Pro, double-die designs with twice the number of cores should also be used here.

3rd Generation Chips Code names “Ibiza”, “Lobos” and “Palma”

The third generation of Apple silicon chips will consist of three different processors that TSMC manufactures using the three-nanometer process. The chips are being developed under the code names “Ibiza”, “Lobos” and “Palma” and are expected to be launched on the market as the M3 series.

“Ibiza” is supposed to be the normal version that is built into the Macbook Air. “Lobos” and “Palma” bring more performance with them and should be comparable with the current Pro and Max series. The chips should have up to four dies and thus 40 CPU cores. This means that Apple should continue to produce the most powerful chips in the future.