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Four additional text formatting options are added to WhatsApp

Meta is continuously improving its messaging app WhatsApp by addition of new features. Every few weeks the company is ready to roll out a new feature or update to the app. Recently, the company added four new options for text formatting to the app. These options will help users to express themselves more precisely. Testing of these features has been ongoing for several months.

According to Meta, WhatsApp is set to receive four new text formatting options including Bulleted Lists, Inline Code, Numbered Lists, and Block Quotes. Use ‘>’ before your message and you will be able to create Block Quotes. In order to create a bullet list, click ‘-‘. A numbered list, on the other hand, appears by starting the message with ‘1.’ New lines will add new entries to the list. An inline code can be added by using the inverted commas at the beginning and end of the text message.

Reportedly, all four text formatting options are now available on Android, iOS, Mac, and the web. There is no word on when these options will arrive to WhatsApp for Windows OS. These additional options complement the four text style options that WhatsApp already offers: Bold, Italic, Monospace, and Strikethrough.

In 2023, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO announced that WhatsApp will soon receive Meta AI (AI-powered chatbot). He also disclosed that the business has created an AI-powered personalized sticker generator for all of its products, including WhatsApp. But none of those functions are available to WhatsApp users as yet.

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