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WhatsApp might simplify the process of sharing high-quality media

When it comes to sharing images and videos via social media platforms, the quality is compromised. This issue is presented on several social media apps including WhatsApp. Recently, Meta updated the app to support the option for sharing HD versions of photos and videos. Despite these efforts, the manner in which this option works is quite troublesome.

In order to share media files in HD version, users are required to manually select the HD option each time. However, it might modify in future. According to reports, the messaging app WhatsApp is working on a feature that will enable users share HD quality of media files by default. Well, it is going to be notable upgrade for the media-sharing experience on WhatsApp.

Currently, there are no details on when this feature will arrive to the stable version of the app. Generally, WhatsApp beta users receive new features before the stable version does, but an option to adjust the default media upload quality is still in the early stages of testing.

It’s also unclear if WhatsApp will ever let sending original-quality images and videos. As compared to the standard setting, the HD quality option improves the resolution and quality of media files. Currently, users can share media files in original quality by sharing them as documents. We will update our readers once we get more details. Let us hope that this option arrives soon.

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