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France Prohibits Smartphones and Tablets Use in Schools

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France bans smartphones and tablets use in schools. The country has started taking healthy and effective use of technology seriously. The new ban on the use of such gadgets in schools bars the students aged between three to fifteen years from bringing their digital devices to school, according to Washington Post.

The French Parliament with an extensive majority voted on Monday for prohibiting the students from using smartphones and tablets in schools. France has already placed a ban on students from using their gadgets during the instruction hours. This restriction was placed in 2010.

The students who are of fifteen years of age or above, for them it is left on the choice of the institution they are studying whether to permit them to bring their gadgets to school or not.

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This all is a part of the campaign that is trying to control technology addiction among students. Emmanuel Macron—the current President of France did this campaign last year.

As per the experts, the rise in the use of smartphone lead to mental issues which include, insomnia, depression, and is the major source for cyberbullying.

Le Monde—the French newspaper reported that the devices would only be permitted to students who have got some disability or would be allowed for educational reasons only.

In Pakistan, many high school students are allowed to bring their smartphones to schools. They could easily hide their phones under their desks and use them during lectures. This kind of ban could at least restrict teenagers and kids from the excessive use of technology devices.

This initiative may even be a publicity stunt by the French president, however, would be effective in terms of curbing the use of smartphones and tablets among kids and teens.

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