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FritzOS update fixes problems with IPv6, VPN, and More

AVM has provided new updates for most of the FritzBoxes that are currently being supplied with beta versions in the experimental laboratory program. The company is approaching the final release of the new FritzOS for all users. AVM did not add any new functions in the previous update. – it’s currently only about bug fixes and general improvements.

The new FritzOS 7.50 is to be released shortly for all owners of a compatible FritzBox and there is still a lot to do before then. The network specialist is launching the new beta version for users of the FritzBox models 7530, 7530 AX, 7590, and 7590 AX, and for the cable models 6690, 6591, and 6660 Cable. Users of the Fritz models mentioned can download the new update immediately. It is only available for free versions of the FritzBoxes.

Models that are provider-bound can usually not use the laboratory updates. The update fixes problems in connection with IPv6 port releases that could not be deleted. In addition, some testers did not display the DSL information.

Tips for the update directly from AVM

We have added the known changes as an example from the FritzBox 7590AX at the end of the article. Details about the respective beta updates can be found on the AVM website for the laboratory program or directly in the beta packages that can be downloaded from there. You will also find useful tips for using the beta versions and for starting out as a beta tester. The update is available as a download package with all the important information about the beta on the AVM website for disposal.

Improvements from FritzOS 7.39-100033/100034/100027

  • home network:
  • Improvement:
  • Updated icon for prioritized network devices
  • broadband:
  • Fixed:
  • The DSL information was not displayed on certain connections
  • Internet:
  • Fixed:
  • If the assignment of a unique local address (ULA) was deactivated, a router advertisement with a ULA prefix was still sent, from which the client constructed a ULA
  • It was not possible to switch directly from “Use IPv6 only” to “Use native IPv6 connection”.
  • IPv6 port releases could no longer be deleted after disabling IPv6
  • Stability improvement for VPN connections from Android13 over IPSec IKEv2
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